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El•e•men•tal: The basic or essential constituent of something relating to a great force of nature.

This is where building a badass network and pride of industry meets pride of state and country. 

Our objective through this project is to create a global network and an understanding of Earth's resources and where they derive from.


An Elemental NFT?

The first project of its kind built for YOU by industry-obsessed recyclers. This project is for business owners and recyclers alike who know that digital media and marketing are just as important as word-of-mouth marketing.

The Project

45 countries and all 50 US States are represented with unique tokens that are paired with immense value through industry networking parties and marketing master classes to help you get your digital footprint started.

The Specs

A specially made token that is stored on the Ethereum Blockchain that are industry-tailored and showcase your new brand of Recycled Podcasts.

The Network

Your network is your net-worth could never be more true when creating opportunities to network with other like-minded people. It is 100% our goal of this project to create great networking and marketing opportunities for everyone involved.

Without us, crypto and Web3.0 doesn't exist. 

Yes, we are that important. From the Rare Earth metals used to make the magnets in the supercomputers, to the copper used to connect the grid. 


This project is more than a picture and a logo on the Ethereum Blockchain. We represent multiple generations of traditional mining, urban mining, and manufacturing that are creating a network to emphasize the importance of marketing in this new digital era.


We are our own trade association with no annual fees. We are proud of where we are from and our contribution to a more sustainable future for everyone. We are bringing our appreciation of networking to Web3.0.

Connecting Dots

It's All in the Numbers


Years of Experience


State and Country Tokens


Individual Elements


Combo Elements


Rare Element Tokens

The Team

The Idea Guy -B
Voice of Reason -N
Branding Guru -M
Adobe GOD -S

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